Personal Study Topics

Personal Study Topics

We welcome personal Bible studies with those visiting our web site as well as those visiting with us during our weekly assemblies. 

The following is a list of potential topics for consideration.  The list may prompt many other topics of interest - we are happy to study any Bible subject.   If you see a topic you would like to study or have other interests, please contact us by email from the "contact us" tab on the web site or by phone (936) 372-2545 and we will reply back.  These are personal correspondence studies, not pre-prepared lessons. 

#1. Overview of the Bible Message.

#2. The Old and New Testament: Similarities and Differences.

#3. Growing My Faith: I want to believe, but I am uncertain about God.

#4. Are the scriptures reliable and accurate?

#5. There are many Bible translations.  Which ones are the best?

#6. Is it appropriate to not attend church?  Is it acceptable to God to stay home?

#7. The Lord's Day and the Lord's Supper. 

#8. What does non-demoninational mean?  Does the New Testament really say anything about this?

#9. Should religous teachings and doctrine change as our society changes?

#10. Why are there so many Christian religious groups? (History of religious development from the first century).

#11. Is Christianity something you just have to believe in, having no rational evidence or proofs to confirm it?